Label Printing Issue

Use Chrome on Windows
- Use initial print pop up instead of "print using system dialogue"
- Set template to 30333 INSTEAD of 30332 or 11353. This is counter intuitive as it says it's for 1/2 x 1, but ignore this. It seems to print 1x1 (let's keep testing this though)
- Windows has an extra print feature in this pop up called "Quality". You have options for 300 dpi by default - change this to 300 x 600 dpi
Scale to 100%
The barcodes, based on this merchant's experience and my testing so far, should print and be recognised by the Socket scanner! The reason we change DPI to 300 x 600 is this is the setting for "barcodes and graphics", something I learned while going through the advanced print settings under "print using system dialogue"